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Columbia Professor Claims US Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline On Live TV – The Host Loses His Mind And Makes The Most Communist Move In The American TV History

A Columbia University economist has claimed that the United States may be behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, declaring that multiple journalists have said they believe it was an attack directed by Washington, but are unable to report it.

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, appeared on Bloomberg TV on Monday and was asked about the Ukraine conflict.

Sachs acknowledged his take “runs counter to our narrative” in the US and accused his nation’s media of neglecting the issue.


Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden a week ago said they had registered two powerful blasts on Monday in the vicinity of the leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline, and the explosions were in the water, not under the seabed.

‘I would bet (the explosion) was a US action, perhaps US and Poland,’ he said.

‘That is speculation.’

‘Jeff, we’ve got to stop there,’ said Tom Keene, the Bloomberg host. ‘Why do you feel that was a US action? What evidence do you have of that?’

‘Well, first, there is direct radar evidence that US military helicopters that are normally based in Gdansk were circling over this area,’ Sachs said.

‘We also had the threat from the US [President Joe Biden] earlier this year that “one way or another we are going to end Nord Stream.”

‘We also had a remarkable statement from [US] Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken last Friday in a press conference where he said “this is also a tremendous opportunity.”‘

‘That’s a strange way to talk if you’re worried about piracy on international infrastructure of vital significance.’

But what happens next reveals the most commie moment in our mainstream media history!

The television hosts pulled the plug on his TV interview for having a different opinion from the mainstream media.
Video below:

Sachs — a world-renowned economist and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University — was criticized for “echoing” a claim made by Russian authorities.