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Video: CNN Busted In Their Coverage Of Hurricane Ian – Watch The Guy At The Back As He Trolls The Fake News Reporter

Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis delivered an update on Thursday morning following the destruction of Hurricane Ian.

Ian was downgraded from a hurricane level 4 when it hit land to a tropical storm on Thursday morning.

Governor DeSantis says the state is still assessing the damage as the tropical storm crosses the state.


Governor DeSantis held a press conference moments ago.

The damage is extensive, especially in southwest Florida.

However, CNN decided to never let a crisis go to waste!

Even do the hurricane was once in a 500-year event as DeSantis himself confirmed, CNN needed to create some fake news and one man unintentionally trolled the fake news reporter as he was trying to make it look like he was at the heart of the storm!

Watch the hilarious video below:
(Watch the guy at the back calmly walks to his car)

I don’t know if I’d say this reporter is “faking it.” but I do understand why people are very suspicious of CNN. After all, they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to honest reporting, do they?

When it comes to weather hoaxes the Weather Channel is even worse.

Now, this is the Weather Channel reporter from Florida yesterday, and people find it odd that his microphone is working perfectly in this horrific storm. They’re also wondering why a man of his size (standing on pavement lol) is being tossed around so easily.

You can watch the video below:

Maybe for the past storms, the Weather Channel took the “Oscars” for faking but this time CNN is the winner!
Flashback to when Anderson’s Cooper was reporting on the floods a number of years ago, turns out he was standing in a ditch:

Back to the real news:
The federal government and DeSantis are working together fine for the time being. This natural disaster is one of the biggest in recent years for Florida.

According to the Miami Herald, Floridians aren’t out of the woods yet as power has been lost to millions across Florida and it may be a long time before power is restored.