Home Culture Cop Hater Slaps Police Horse Then GETS MAJOR PAYBACK From Horse (Video)

Cop Hater Slaps Police Horse Then GETS MAJOR PAYBACK From Horse (Video)

For most critical thinking individuals, common sense usually dictates staying clear of bigger objects that could pose a threat, especially within the animal kingdom. However for the “blissfully young and ignorant”, that innate and inborn instinct at times needs a little reinforcement, and no doubt getting kicked by a police horse hopefully did the trick.

The incident took place during the Queen’s University homecoming in Kingston, Ontario, when a young blond woman ran up behind a police horse mounted by police officer and smacked the horse on its rear, and of course the horse immediately responded as it was trained to do, and kicked the woman to the ground, face first.

The 40-second video captures the woman wearing a dark shirt with a red stripe appearing in front of the brief video clip running towards the horse, and the whispered commentary coming from the operator seems to indicate that this was all a part of a silly prank, and the young blond was actually the dupe or more likely the dope, take your pick.


According to authorities 3-people were arrested and charged with assaulting a police horse during the homecoming celebrations, however the condition of the woman wasn’t immediately known, other than that the woman took a nasty fall to the ground, and the brief video captures her running away holding her hand over her face, in apparent pain. OUCH!


Horses are pretty serious and won’t take that sort of crap from anyone.

Snowflake cop haters wouldn’t know that because of the bubble they live in — they learn the hard way.

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