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Couple ‘see JESUS’ In Their Ultrasound Image (Video)

No proof is needed to validate the deity of God or the nature of Christianity. However the more we trust in our God the more he rewards us with proof of His great love for us. Belief in Jesus doesn’t come through artifacts, although they may be nice to have.

But miracles do happen and one Pennsylvania couple witnessed the presence of Jesus!
They saw an unexpected image in their baby’s sonogram. They say the clear image of a man watching over their daughter is offering them a sense of relief.

Mother, Alicia Zeek’s reacted to the image with confusion, “When they gave it to us… Umm, to me, it’s Jesus. And it looks like Jesus.”


Father, Zac Smith also confused by what he was seeing, “this is distinct– I mean, there’s another face looking at my daughter!”

The Franklin County couple went in for an ultrasound ahead of the birth of their baby girl- Alicia says she could hardly believe it when she saw the sonogram, “I blinked a lot, to kinda make sure I was really seeing it…”

The expecting parents say while they aren’t very religious, they see a man dressed in a robe with a crown of thorns looking on at their baby.

Zac says the image made him emotional, “when I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes… I was speechless, I just couldn’t believe it, I really didn’t believe what I was seeing.”

That image is putting them at ease after Alicia experienced a number of complications with her first two children. Her daughter was born with pre-axial polydactyl– which means she had two thumbs on one hand.


Incredible evidence continuing to come forward, but there still are people who doubt and deny the truth.
Yet again many lived in Christ’s day and they didn’t believe.
But this is a Blessing to the skeptics that eyes have not been opened!