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NFL Executive Just Gave Colin Kaepernick Career Ending News, Ends Comeback With Brutal Reality Check


After the recent clash in Charlottesville, Virgina between violent groups such as ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and white supremacists, the shrill scream of racism in the NFL has grown louder. Last week, Seattle Seahawk defensive end Michael Bennett sat during the anthem as well as, Oakland Raiders Marshawn Lynch to protest the racial inequality in America. And, now to up the manufactured hysteria, the NAACP has demanded that Colin Kaepernick is given a job or else.

For the first time in history, a total of 11 athletes from one team dropped to their knee when the National Anthem started, refusing to stand and honor our flag.

They decided to follow Colin Kaepernick path!
But was that a good decision?
If you ask some of NFL executives their answer would be one huge no!

And NAACP won’t want to hear this.

There is a huge problem for Colin Kaepernick. The teams that would make use of him don’t want him because they need to tank. They need to tank to get their franchise quarterback in the NFL Draft.

It’s about the risk of what happens to the team concept when you sign a guy — a quarterback — who has put his personal agenda ahead of what we are all charged to do, which is put the team first. As a team builder, I cannot risk that happening again, especially for a borderline starter who needs the entire offense catered to his style.”

Even if one did say that he maintained ths skills to be a starting quarterback (he doesn’t), playing quarterback in the NFL isn’t just about skill. He must lead, unite, and put the team first. None of those things are in his personal skill set

A run-first quarterback with a propensity to take sacks — one who appears to be more interested in social activism than football — does not necessarily fit that bill.

The executive continued with two shining examples of quarterbacks who value winning as a team above all else, including protests during the national anthem.

Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers have jobs. Is it because they’re white? No, it’s because they know the game and know how to pick apart a secondary. They don’t take unnecessary sacks and they certainly don’t bring too much attention that is negative. They lead their team and bring positive attention to their teams.

“As far as his prospects as a backup, I don’t think he is being blackballed in terms of rich white owners saying, ‘We are not hiring this guy,’” a defensive coordinator also told ESPN.

What do you think about this?

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  1. I think that Tom Brady STILL has a job, even though he was scandalized by “Deflate-gate,” is because he is “that good” in the game.

  2. I think the man was given a job to do at an enormous salary. He signed a contract and agreed to the conditions, but then began making up his own rules as he went along. Any primary school child knows (or should know) that when you accept a job, it is your obligation to follow the rules of your employer. If you are unable to do that, you are dismissed, and may find it difficult to find future employment, especially in the same profession.
    If a person has issues with his country, religion, race, or any other matter, the work place is not the place to air those issues. For any NFL team to hire Colin Kaepernick at this point sends a dangerous message to the country. It tells everyone there is no loyalty required or rules to follow. There are so many talented young men waiting in the wings to assume the position formerly held by Colin Kaepernick that I hope the NFL will not allow themselves to be bullied into catering to the whims of this misfit who has no regard for his team, his country or his fellow man.

    • naacp is a JOKE lets see what the NFL doe’s now can’t stand for the flag can’t stand for your wife or other

  3. i say let them kneel and then donate the days pay toward there cause i think youll see a lot of staning then

  4. Racial inequality will never end because blacks don’t want it to end. Why would they give up their race card. They’re lazy as shit but they’re not stupid. If I could pull out the race card I would use it til I had a mansion!!!!! Whenever something doesn’t go their way it’s…you guessed it…racism. The irony is that they’re the BIGGEST RACISTS AROUND!!! But don’t say that because it’s politically incorrect and of course it’s RACIST. I’m tired of their bullshit. F them.

  5. They need black list him so to speak n ban him n any player who wony stand for the flag that made them rich!!!

  6. The NFL is a game pure and simple not a political activism platform. If he is that interested in the problem how come we never hear about his work in the off season. There are a lot of blacks in the NFL making millions of dollars every year but they work and play hard for it. So lets be nice and let Colin go home in peace. I am tired of all the crap that is going on now. It is time we all got together and worked to make this country what it should be.

  7. Let him apply for a job in Japan,/ Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, I think they have a leagues over their? Even they might be “touch” football.

  8. No improvement can be made to Barbara’s comment above (8/24). All points covered beautifully and clearly and without any foul language.

    I would only add that, “NO attention be given to this misfit. Please go home and leave us to enjoy football as it has always been.”

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