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Video: Predator Foiled in Portland – A Bizarre Twist When a ‘Woke’ Woman Intervenes

Below we have a video of a Predator who got busted by a pedo-hunter…but wait until you hear the woman check up on the situation because she wanted to “make sure the brown person was safe.”

The Predator got busted trying to meet a 14-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon.

As he’s getting interrogated, a woke woman walks over and says:


“I just wanted to make sure that the brown person was safe.”

This is not satire.

Watch the video below:

“Is the brown person ok?”

Wednesday Adams was more concerned with the fact that the guy was brown than she was in the crime he committed…

I don’t know who I am more disgusted with. The pedo or the racist broad with the savior complex. He’s gross and he needs to go to prison forever.

We as a Society are off the cliff. This is sad on one hand but on a higher standard of conscious this is criminal.

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