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COVER UP! Another Huge Obama Lie Was Just Exposed!

The scumbag media let our former President get away with every major scandal he was involved in, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Solyndra, and many more scandals. But they put words in Trump’s mouth when he is doing nothing wrong. the media needs to be held accountable.

The Free Beacon reports, U.S. officials disclosed earlier this month that six Americans were struck by a mystery illness believed to be caused by a covert sonic device in what many think was a clandestine operation targeting U.S. personnel stationed in the communist country.

The number of Americans impacted is greater than previously disclosed, according to multiple U.S. officials who told the Free Beacon that those suffering from symptoms of sonic damage appears to be more than 10.

“It’s definitely in the double digits,” one source told the Free Beacon.

The mysterious incident has roiled the relationship between the United States and Cuba and has raised more questions than answers in Congress, where lawmakers are finding their inquiries about the situation stymied.
Along with the number of personnel affected being higher, it’s now believed that Americans stationed in Cuba were experiencing symptoms from this illness months earlier than the State Department let on.
Some of the common symptoms associated with this “sonic attack” get worse the longer someone is exposed to it, which also makes it difficult for doctors to determine what exactly is going on with the patient.

Many believe that the Obama administration put off notifying Congress about the attacks in order to protect the former president and his deal with Cuba.
This wouldn’t be all that surprising, given how proud the “forward thinking” Obama was of reopening talks with the communist haven to our south.
One thing’s for sure, these attacks, coupled by the apparent corrupt actions of the former administration certainly go a long way in vindicate opponents of the whole deal with Cuba.

Once again, Obama sacrifices American’s health over his own narcissistic ego needs.
Now at least ten Federal employees in our Cuban embassy have a long term hearing loss because of Obama’s callousness.