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It Begins! Treacherous GOP Governor APPROVES Removal Of Statue In Dead Of Night!

When will people realize that the removal of the founding fathers of America is only a guise to their true goal, which is to eradicate the Founding Fathers and with them the Constitution, anyone else see it this way?
It seems that some people don’t realize the danger and continue to approve the removal of the Confederate statues!

The Washington Examiner is reporting, A statue of the U.S. Supreme Court justice who authored the 1857 Dred Scott decision that affirmed slavery and denied blacks citizenship was removed from the grounds of the Maryland State House in Annapolis on Friday morning.

The statue of Roger B. Taney, erected in 1872, was taken away and put in storage around 2 a.m. Friday morning, according to the Associated Press.
Members of the State House Trust had to vote to approve the statue’s removal, and on Wednesday, three of the four voting members of the panel voted by email to take the statue down.
Following Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, Va., where counter-protesters clashed with white nationalist groups protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, top Maryland state officials called for the statue to be removed.


Gov Larry Hogan, a Republican, issued a statement Tuesday saying removal of the statue is the “right thing to do.” Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford voted Wednesday on behalf of the Hogan administration to remove the statue of Taney.
The vote to determine whether or not to remove the statue was conducted without any input from the general public, the very voters who elected these officials in the first place.
One has to wonder where the line gets drawn with all of this statue removal business, as some are also now calling for the removal of monuments erected to our Founding Fathers.

He and all of the Republicans abandoning their base are cowards.

They are terrified of being labeled racist by the Left so they cave to the bullies, which only empowers the bullies who don’t want a debate. The Left is in control with their lethal weapon – the threat of false accusations of racism promulgated by the media – and the cowards, as a result, are abandoning not only our president but their own constituents.

Where is leadership and debate of ideas in the public square?- Both sides cannot have a voice if one starts with character assassination of the other to end all debate and shut down discussion.

That is the goal though and is just part of the war by Dems and the media to destroy Pres. Trump and his supporters with a narrative based on nothing but smears and lies. Someone has to have the courage to stand up for the truth.

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