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JUST IN! Steve Bannon Fires First Shot In War With Fox News And The Rest Of The Lying MSM


Steve Bannon is preparing for war, the reason he left the admin to go into the trenches for hand to hand combat. This is a solid strategy to break up the organized profession left anarchist.

He’s one of the few media members that witnessed the corruption from the inside. Spent 7+ months getting his feet wet and can now expose the mainstream media and both corrupt parties. Genius.

Now that Steve Bannon is back at Breitbart, a lot of people are wondering what his next steps will be. Well, one of those steps may be a network to the right of Fox News.

Axios reports that Bannon “has told friends he sees a massive opening to the right of Fox News” and could potentially start a network.

Bannon’s friends are speculating about whether it will be a standalone TV network or online streaming only.

Before his death in May, Roger Ailes had sent word to Bannon that he wanted to start a channel together. Bannon loved the idea: He believes Fox is heading in a squishy, globalist direction as the Murdoch sons assume more power.

Just this week James Murdoch put out a statement critical of President Trump‘s reaction to Charlottesville.

And as Axios reported yesterday, Bannon met with billionaire donor Bob Mercer.

We need a fighter against the MSM and corrupt politicians. Start the network and we will watch.

I myself am beginning to step away from Fox News as they conveniently remove those conservative trump newscasters.

Don’t you find it rather coincidental that all of a sudden three strong popular conservative trump fox newscasters are being accused of inappropriate sexual actions? No one is talking about it. Why not? Have you taken time to look into those female accusers and who they are connected with? Go get em Bannon!!!


  1. If Fox goes rouge I will no longer watch them. As many others will do the same. Ratings will fall. We WILL go where the truth is. So if Bannon, Hannity and O’Reilly can start a network, that would be great.

  2. Hannity is the only true conservative at Fox I wished we had a new station to watch that does not jump on the President like MSM does 24 7. Getting sick of them following not leading. It’s obvious they are protecting their jobs and not the truth just like this weak congress we have. The President handled Charlottesville just fine. I liked when he called out the media. White supremacist are not where America want to go and they know he nor us want that crap but they are stuck on that like Russia until it played out. We are witnessing hysteria on the part of the left that is sickening and is keeping us from moving the agenda we want and republicans are too weak in government and media to derail. Hopefully Bannon can call out the idiocy of all this

  3. I agree Fox news is no longer the network it used to be. They are out to get all the true conservatives off the air. I would support another network Steve Bannon started.

  4. i say go for it i have been watching fox for a long time long enough to see things changing . they are going down hill quick and the results of their downward spiral will look the same as cnn and the rest of the left wing media . polls will show the results . so if steve bannon puts together a team and starts their own network i will for sure be there , maybe they will put some of the good people like eric bolling and bill O back to work i mss them ps……. hope to see ya soon

  5. I just watch Fox News with Hanity and Judge Jeanie,if they have another conservative chanel,I’ll change.

  6. If you guys are going to get up a real centrist/conservative channel that we can get in Aus – probably via the net – I would be willing to join a ‘gofundme’ to assist and even go so far as to actually pay a subscription to the channel if needed. the whole English-speaking world needs a solid, transparent and truthful channel.
    One thing, it should present news impartially, editorials are ok for showing ‘bias’.
    Hopefully some things that can be presented will smash the climate scam and ensure we can be confident that current affairs we are seeing on it are not ‘fake-news’ – that the bias is obvious but polite etc.
    We need this, I once had a mate who flew Stuka’s in WW2 – he said how so many -people would risk their lives to tune into the BBC – and during the cold war, the BBC and ‘Voice of America’ (aka CIA)
    Now I believe RT ahead of any MSM- maybe we should have left the wall up and built some more of our own :\

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