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COVID Quarantine Camps Are Now Allegedly Being Built In Nisqualy, WA – The Neighbors Reacted Furiously

A new banner that reads “Nisqually ACTIVE COVID Quarantine Site” has frightened some anti-vaccination neighbors and generated calls and comments from as far away as New Mexico in recent days.

Last week the tribe placed the banner on the front gate of its Brighton Creek Healing and Retreat Center, which has been used by the Nisqually Tribe for the past 18 months to serve members who have or have been exposed to COVID-19 and need a safe place to quarantine. The site is in rural Pierce County, not far from the Nisqually Indian Reservation near Yelm.

The Nisqually Indian Tribe has been the target of several threats some including arson!

Yesterday as many as 15 cars per hour were slowing down to take photos of the new sign, according to a tribal spokesperson. At one point approximately 20 people showed up together, to challenge the property’s caretaker, prompting him to call law enforcement.

The concern expressed by people who are opposed to the facility is their belief that governments are creating quarantine “camps” to which they will exile people who are not vaccinated.

Online comments have included:

“Unless they’re lying and it’s really just a place to house illegal aliens…”

“Also a great place to put homeless ppl from Seattle & Olympia to ballot harvest in a deep red county.”

“One of the most blatant use of boot on the neck threat outside of China. This is classic totalitarianism. Resist these bastards.”

A 44-second video posted on Twitter. The video’s narrator talks about trees logged and a gate installed and ends with “everybody needs to see this. They’re doing it.”

The Department of health is hiring people for the Covid Quarantine camp:

Facebook comments about the center have called it “a concentration camp,” and folks have taken to social media and called the caretaker of the facility, threatening to burn the place down, according to Debbie Preston, information officer for the Tribe.

Due to the threats of arson, Preston said the caretaker of the facility was “obviously frightened for his family.”

Nisqually Tribe Responds

In an 89-second video issued today, Nisqually Indian Tribe Chairman Willie Frank III said, “The tribe owns the property, and it is a place for healing.” He added “tribes are used to racism disguised as falsehoods,” and “we will not tolerate threats being made against our tribal members, health staff or any other staff, either in person or on the phone. These falsehoods are very dangerous and very misleading. Please, please, listen to the facts.”

Video below:

A recent Nisqually newsletter listed the current renovation efforts in detail. They include upgrading and renovating the kitchen and dining room. An ADA bathroom as well as women’s and men’s bathroom will be added to meet code requirements and the Tribe plans to install a septic system for a planned RV Park.

Other renovations include repainting the exterior of the lodge, the installation of fencing around the perimeter of the facility, the evaluation of the well and water system for repairs and possible upgrades, and the construction of a carport for equipment.