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Photos From Biden’s Last Vaccine Shot Raise Suspicion That Joe Might Get A Lot Of IVs


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Joe Biden is not mentally or physically fit to be president of the United States. This has been obvious to anyone with eyes or ears for the entirety of his presidency. Acknowledging this simple fact should not be a partisan issue. Regardless of policy disputes, Republicans and Democrats alike should want the leader of the free world to exhibit strength, power, and reassurance on both the national and the world stage. But Biden is merely a figurehead. He is a facsimile of a leader in an office that normally demands sharpness, stamina, and clear-headedness.


No honest assessment can conclude that Biden’s public appearances present a man who is in control of his faculties or who looks sharp and confident. On the contrary, he looks frail, weak, indecisive, unsure of himself, and unsteady. When he speaks, he often says things that simply don’t make sense, even as he almost exclusively reads from a teleprompter or uses notecards. He has repeatedly said that if he takes unscripted questions from the press, he’s “gonna get in trouble” from his staff.

Yet those who do not follow politics closely or ignore conservative outlets could be forgiven for thinking that Biden is fully capable, thanks to the corrupt Fourth Estate that has refused to accurately cover Biden’s ever-increasing list of embarrassing moments.

Yesterday, Joe Biden got his THIRD vaccine shot on live TV and more controversies around his health surfaced!

One Twitter user points out there’s a distinct “bald” patch that looks exactly like the outline of a large bandage on the crook of Joe’s arm where a vein is – a vein that is often used for IVs.

But no matter what the reason was, it does look as if Joe is regularly bandaged there, in my opinion.

Enough so that his overly hairy arms don’t produce any hair on the outer edges of that spot, and it does appear to create the “shape” of a bandage.

Now, if you ask me, that’s the more interesting aspect of this hairy arm story – because it goes along with the very valid questions about Joe’s health and his very obviously diminishing mental faculties…and more so to the questions about why he’s always going to Delaware – is it for medical treatments? People are wondering this – and not just “Q kooks” — conservative journalists have brought it up many times.

To me, any questions about Joe’s mental health are legit and important questions to ask, since our mainstream media doesn’t ask, and seems totally indifferent to the whole thing.

Photo below:

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