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Did The Mainstream Media Release A News That The Capitol Was Stormed At Least 3 Hours Before It Happened? (Images)

Was the assault and riot at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 an elaborate plot by nefarious globalists using a tiny cadre of paid actors to create a scenario to cast President Donald Trump in a bad light? Or were the real inciters the legislators inside the building who were working to certify the presidential election?

Maybe on some questions, we will never get an answer!

Donald Trump ally Pastor Darrell Scott has claimed recent reports revealing that the Capitol Police were told to hold off on their response to the January 6 attack is proof that the riot was a “set up” for Trump take the blame for it.


However, some fact-checkers denied these allegations as not real but another so-called conspiracy surfaced.

News that broke out this morning alleges that some mainstream media published news about rioters breaching the Capitol three hours before it happened.

Images below:

The social media post was published by thousand of accounts so our team decided to take a closer look at what really happened.

It seems that there was an article that was published in the morning but, it was later updated with a different headline:

Here are the after and before:

Our team is always looking for the truth no matter what and people should always double-check before the post content online, the mainstream media is not the only one who produces fake news these days!