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DNC Vice-Chair Just Got Caught ROLLING HIS EYES at a Female Native American (Video)

Democratic National Committee vice-chair Keith Ellison just proved that “all inclusive” liberals are only considerate to groups of people who help their political agendas.

When being called out for their rhetoric that attempts to legitimize illegal immigration, which ignores minorities who are indigenous to our country, liberals really don’t care.

The concerns of Native Americans do nothing to further the Democrat’s socialist/globalist agenda, so they have no consideration for them.


Keith Ellison proved this during a town hall gathering when he was caught displaying what he really thinks by rolling his eyes at a Native American woman who was voicing her concerns about her people and culture being properly represented by their panel.

After she called him out for rolling his eyes and finished speaking, Ellison was caught on camera rolling his eyes again while shaking his head.

What a nice “inclusive” guy, huh?

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A woman identifying herself as a member of the Yakama tribe in the state of Washington took the microphone and asked why there were no “indigenous people” represented at that particular panel about running “for the people.”

“That hurts me,” she said. “Kind of related to that, it hurts when you hear people say, ‘We are a country of immigrants,’ because we’re not. We’re not all immigrants … And to hear you say that, Keith Ellison—please don’t roll your eyes, sir.”

She went on to say that kind of rhetoric was an “eraser” and to be aware of that.

Ellison shook his head and looked annoyed after she concluded her remark.

Watch the video:

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