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Protesters Rammed At Alt-Right Rally, Trump Condemns Violence On ALL Sides

The alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia was total bedlam.

Police appear to have failed miserably in keeping both sides separated and it hit a crescendo with someone in a car ramming into a crowd of protesters.

From The Daily Mail:


At least one person is dead after a driver intentionally plowed into a group of anti-fascist protesters hitting up to 20 people in Charlottesville, Virginia, after violent clashes erupted between white nationalists and activists on Saturday.

Video shows the Dodge Charger accelerating into the crowd throwing bodies into the air as people scream before reversing at high speed – it is not known how many people have been injured but one is reported dead.

It came after violent clashes erupted as hundreds of white supremacists including armed militias marched into Charlotesville sparking violent confrontations with the counter protesters. Police cleared the scene with tear gas but the violence continued.

Horrifying video from the scene of the car attack shows blood spattered on the vehicle’s windshield as victims desperately call out for medical help.

A counter protester had allegedly thrown a rock at the car, causing the driver to swivel around and ram into people and cars in its way, before driving off with someone’s shoe attached to its bumper.

Local police reported there were at least 20 people hit and three vehicles were involved in the crash.

People are heard screaming and crying in the aftermath of the smash, as blood was splattered on a car’s windshield and victims were desperately calling out for medical help.

In addition to the dozen of people hurt in the accident, at least eight people were being treated already for their injures during other destructive clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters at Emancipation Park before the controversial Unite the Right rally.

It’s not clear who was driving the car yet, we’ll find out soon as the person was arrested.

Here’s close up video of the crash as captured by Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy:

Goldy interviewed by Molyneux:


President Trump condemned the violence and bigotry on all sides:

He said he agrees with the Democratic governor the “hate and division must stop.”

Of course, it’s not going to stop as the country is fractionating into a civil war.

Libertarian alt-right figure Christopher Cantwell said they “made every effort to be peaceful and law abiding” but they were under constantly attack by leftists seeking to “martyr themselves” and police failed to do their jobs and keep the two sides apart.


Here’s a live stream from the march.

Alt-right activist Baked Alaska was bear-maced in the face at the beginning of the event and police appear to have shut the rally down within minutes.

(Video is available, although it shows a “not available” preview.)


Author: Chris Menahan
Courtasey of Information Liberation

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