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Watch: Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Get Frazzled Trying To Prove She’s Not Part Of The One Percent (Video)

Elizabeth Warren lied about the Indian heritage and was exposed. She has not the character to be a Senator or anything in government.

It looks like the champion of women, Elizabeth Warren is only a champion in her rhetoric.

Pocahontas, as President Trump likes to call her, was accused of hypocrisy Wednesday by WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner for reliably railing against the one percent despite being worth millions of dollars.


According to The Daily Caller:

Warren, who was at the WRKO studio in Boston for an interview, met Kuhner in the hallway and the situation escalated as Kuhner asked why Warren has built her career haranguing the one percent when she herself is a member of that class.

Warren defended herself, citing humble beginnings as the daughter of a janitor who was able to advance to her current position due purely to the “equality of opportunity” provided by government programs.

Watch the video below!

Warren has made hundreds of thousands working as a consultant for insurance companies and big banks. Travelers insurance paid Warren $212,000 between 2008 and 2010 for consulting work. Warren, who claims responsibility for creating “the intellectual foundation” for the Occupy movement, has also done consulting work for Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale, a law firm that represents Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs.

Pocahontas and the Democrat cabal are living in the last century, $50 for a semester at a Community College!? Really?

What year was that Elisabeth? 1965? How about today Senator? The multi-million sprawling mansion doesn’t count? Yes! I believe is an opportunity, but your portrayal of the 99% meme just doesn’t fit here.

She lives her life 100% exactly the opposite of what she preaches… the biggest hypocrite in American politics.

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