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Ben Carson Drains The Swamp — Look Who He Just Exposed For Stealing $336,000 Of Taxpayer Funds

Ben Carson is the man. He represents what is true and good for America. Racist comes from the ones who are trying their hardest to put down Trump and his associates.

President Trump’s decision to install Ben Carson as the new Housing and Urban Development secretary is proving to have been very wise.

Many employees working for HUD have been embezzling and wasting thousands of dollars.

Lorena Loren, executive director of HUD in Michigan was caught stealing $336,000 from low-income families.

According to Judicial Watch:

“A high-ranking public housing official charged with providing government-subsidized homes to the poor stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the agency and used it to buy furniture, alcohol, clothes, makeup and other personal items. The crooked public official scammed the government for years undetected which may seem unbelievable though not when it comes to the agency she worked for, a bastion of corruption known as Housing and Urban Development (HUD).”

While all theft is rightly considered criminal, there is something especially despicable about stealing funds that are intended to help the poor. This is just what Judaical Watch has reported that has happened in a local branch of HUD.

“[A]n executive director at one of those branches in Michigan gets busted for embezzling $336,000. Her name is Lorena Loren and for years she served as the executive director of the St. Clair Housing Commission, which administers a local Section 8 housing program in southeast Michigan. Section 8 is the federal government’s major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly and the disabled to afford decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market. The program is administered locally by Public Housing Agencies (PHA) like the St. Clair Housing Commission so the cash comes from the feds though there appears to be no oversight. The idea is to subsidize housing costs, via vouchers, so the poor can live in privately owned, single-family homes, townhouses or apartments they otherwise couldn’t afford.”

“Clearly, this is part of a much broader epidemic at HUD. A Michigan-area newspaper editorial blasts the agency for failing to protect taxpayer dollars and low-income families that need help.”The good news for everyone but the fraudsters is that Secretary Ben Carson is cleaning house.

“Hopefully President Trump’s new HUD secretary, Ben Carson, will clean some house at the fraud-infested agency. We don’t’ need a newspaper editorial to tell us that ‘HUD clearly has a gap in its fiduciary responsibility.’”Given his integrity, there is every reason to believe that corruption at HUD is on its way out with Dr. Carson in charge.

What about Big Mouth Maxine? How did she afford a $4.5,000,000, mansion, which is not in her district, but in a very wealthy 90% white neighborhood?

Why isn’t she being investigated? Aren’t her constituents aware of the fact that now she has become very wealthy, she has a $2,000,000, retirement fund in RUSSIA, and none of that will be spent on the people of her district? And just how did she LEGALLY make that much money on a salary of $174,000/year????

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