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The View Went Too Far With The Disgusting Statements On Melania Trump’s Anti-Bullying Speech! Cancel This Show Now (Video)

First Lady Melania Trump, on Wednesday, spoke before the United Nations about the things from which we need to protect our children. She went on to decry bullying, especially of the online variety.

The first lady has previously said she plans to make cyber-bullying part of her platform while in office.

On Thursday, “The View” co-hosts reacted to First Lady Melania Trump‘s speech about bullying. The panelists questioned why she doesn’t call out her own husband, President Donald Trump.


According to Gossip Cop:

Whoopi Goldberg asked, “So, is one of the things she’s going to be dealing with, you think, with her husband deleting, perhaps, his Twitter account?”

Sara Haines admitted that while “everyone was running to hypocrisy,” “I see it slightly differently… I see the very veiled language.” She suggested that since personally talking to Donald seems to be of no use, maybe Melania was trying to get him to hear her through this speech.

Watch the video below.

“Someone said I might be giving her too much credit,” Haines acknowledged. Behar wasn’t buying it, and exclaimed, “Does she even know who he is?! I don’t know that she even has an idea of who he is.” She also said of Melania, “Who is she? We don’t know who she is.”

Said Sunny Hostin, “But the thing is, as the First Lady, you have to have your finger on the pulse of America. That’s your job.” She added that while “cyber-bullying is an important platform… she’s the wrong messenger for that platform.” Goldberg also argued, “Part of the reason we may feel this way is that people don’t think of adults being bullied. They only think of children… She may not realize what he does as bullying. She may not see it that way.”

With this, they only continue proving what insane lunatics they are, and that the people should not watch them at all. Why watch someone when the hosts of the show are total nutball liberal wackos who know nothing about anything.

They are perverted repulsive people that will say and do anything to degrade people that don’t agree with their sickness. This is why the show needs to be shut down!

After this vile attack made by the idiots on the View social networks started to launch an attack on their stupid show and show huge support to President Trump!

I am glad that real Americans are seeing the View as it is a stupid liberal show!

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