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Sorry, Equating Early Migrants to Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Hold Water

When did immigration to the North American continent begin? Some say it began when immigrants crossed a land bridge across the Behring Strait from Asia to what is known as Alaska today. These early immigrants then began to migrate southward. After millions of years the North America, Central America, and South American land masses and islands were entirely populated.

The countries of the Western Hemisphere were reported to be discovered by Vikings who did not produce a mass immigration to the North American shores. History also reports that Christopher Columbus also found land in the Western Hemisphere. At this time in history, Europe began to be overpopulated which triggered the mass migration to this hemisphere.

The zone that began filling up the fastest is what is known as the United States of America today. Most of the early immigrants to our shores resided along the eastern seaboard. When exploration revealed a vast continent on the other side of the Atlantic, the various European countries that laid claim to parts of it began to encourage more migration to the Americas in order to establish a viable claim to their territories.


The next wave of immigrants came to the Americas in the nineteenth century, especially to the United States. The immigrants came to work. help build the country and to migrate westward to develop the lands that were underpopulated.

Immigration that is under fire today is that which is obtained by illegal means.

Illegal immigrants have been interviewed in the past and the shocking results of these interviews indicate the main reason most of them come to the U.S. is to stay here for welfare and other free benefits such as food stamps—not for seeking viable jobs.

The illegal immigrant population in Los Angeles County California alone receives welfare, food stamps and other free handouts which are more than one-fourth of the needy citizens in the rest of the country.

Illegal immigrant households cost taxpayers an average of $5,692.

It’s also been found that most of them spend one dollar for every three dollars they receive in handouts.

Most illegals who do work, can’t obtain work legally so they work “off the books” which means they pay little to no taxes.

Illegal immigrants take jobs at lower wages which keep our citizens, especially young minorities, on the unemployment role.

What is really shocking is that most of the illegals bring children into our country who have not been vaccinated for childhood diseases. This has the potential to cause an epidemic among children whose parents who have not neglected or believe that is is not necessary for their children to get immunized.

In conclusion, equating early migrants or even 119th-century immigrants to the illegal immigration we have today is intellectually flawed. It is comparing apples to oranges.

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