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Fauci Blasted For Taking Off Mask At The Nationals Ballpark After His Terrible First Pitch (Photo & Video)

Wearing a cap, jersey, and mask of the Washington Nationals, Dr. Fauci walked out to throw the ceremonial pitch against the New York Yankees. But the throw by the 79-year-old infectious diseases expert went well wide.

After the throw, Fauci and Doolittle tapped gloves instead of shaking hands

Watch the video here:


“Babylon Bee had a great headline: “CNN Calls Dr. Fauci’s Wild Pitch ‘100% Accurate, Completely On Target’.”

CNN is reporting that the ceremonial first pitch to open up the 2020 season at Nationals Park, which was thrown wildly off the mark by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, was 100% accurate, completely on target, and a “real strike.”

“It’s time to play ball!” announced CNN’s Don Lemon. “Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has always been right, while a certain sitting U.S. President has always been wrong and off target his entire presidency, threw a real strike to start the 2020 Major League Baseball season today.”

But another moment also went viral.

Fauci has been telling Americans to wear a mask after he told Americans not to wear a mask — apparently doesn’t know how to wear a mask.
Associated Press photographer Alex Brandon captured an image of Fauci sitting in the stands with two other people. He was not wearing a mask and he was not social distancing.

Not only was Dr. Fauci violating his own protocols, but he was also breaking the law.
Photo below:

Mark Levin tweeted:
“Looks like Dr. Fauci forget to actually use his face mask while watching the Kaepernickers playing baseball,” wrote radio host Mark Levin. “I’m sure the media will question him about it. After all, as he says, we’re in this together and everyone needs to obey the the science.”

“When he thinks the cameras are off, Fauci makes a mockery of his “social distancing” recommendations and proceeds to brush off his own advocacy,” wrote Jordan Schachtel.

Bill Mitchell called him a hypocrite:

He also tweeted:

This isn’t the first time for Fauci to take the face mask off!

He didn’t know that the cameras are still rolling and took off his face mask during the Senate hearings over the nation’s coronavirus response, the same face mask that he urged all Americans to wear.

Video below:

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And he expects us to trust him no matter what. It’s up to you America!