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HAMMER TIME! Miami PD Isn’t Playing Around With Antifa Anymore – This Is How You Handle Them (Video)

Attention skateboarding Antifa thugs: don’t mess with the Miami Police Department.

Video shows a bunch of punks attacking the police with skateboarders. It did not end well for the “peaceful protesters.”

A viral video in Miami, Florida shows Antifa protesters attacking a police car with the officers still inside, while another person at the scene shouts, “f*ck you”!


It shows an unmarked police squad rolling slowly through the streets, which are filled with people. There are a number of other police cars in the area with sirens and lights blaring.

People jump on the officers’ car, before they hit it with various items. Uniformed officers jump out of the car and start wrestling people to the ground. “Look at the cop,” someone shouts, and people begin fighting with the officers and hitting them as officers circle around to protect their fellow officers. “F*ck you, get off him, get off him,” someone shouts. “Get your knee off him.”

The tense scene goes on for some time, as officers urge the crowd to get back. The officers’ T-shirts mark them as Miami police. “What’s your name, what’s your name,” shouts the person making the video.

Here’s the video:

The Miami Herald ran this video from a different vantagepoint and we think that this video will be all over the news because this video shows the “innocent” protesters:

ABC News reported that, on the same day, “one man was charged with smashing a patrol car with his skateboard and trying to incite a riot” in Miami. According to ABC, “one man encouraged other protesters to attack a patrol car and he smashed the vehicle’s windshield with his skateboard, shattering glass on officers inside,” police say.

ABC reported that the protesters were originally there to “honor the death of an 18-year-old man, Israel ‘Reefa’ Hernandez, who died after police used a stun gun on him in 2013.”