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Hidden Camera in a Muslim Mosque Reveals Their SHOCKING Plans! (Video)

Liberals claim they are peaceful, several conservatives say they are not. What is the real answer? We went into the largest Mosque in London to get answers.

The London Central Mosque or the Park Mosque is quite famous and the epicenter of Islam in the United Kingdom. A burqa clad woman was sent into the mosque to become one of them and find out what really happens in there. The results we got were nothing but shocking!

As women are not allowed into the praying hall in the mosque, she had to go to the women’s section in the first floor which overlooks the mosque. After the usual prayers, the women gather in a circle for the day’s lessons. The teacher for the day is one Um-Ameeral who teaches from a book of Sheikh Fazan.


She starts her lesson on what should happen to Muslims to convert to another faith and those who do not follow Islam. Then comes another shocker.

She says, “if a person leaves Islam, we kill him!” She goes on to say that any married person involved in adultery should be stoned to death and those who are unmarried should be given 100 lashes. What is really sad is that she said this in front of a huge crowd which included a lot of children.

She also goes on to tell that homosexuals and any woman who behaves like man should be punished. When asked what the punishment as per sharia is, she says these people should be thrown off from the highest place. If you recall a popular video on social media, ISIS too does the same.

On another day at the mosque, Um-Ameeral is out to Saudi Arabia. Today’s teacher is someone new. She begins her lesson about “How Muslims should behave with non-Muslims”. She says she knows a woman who smiles at every non-Muslim she sees. She says this is wrong and Muslims should correct these people and make them adopt Islam.

The above is just an excerpt of what happens inside the London central mosque. What happened after this is really shocking and got us worried. If you want to know in detail, please watch the video below.

By taking a hidden camera inside a local mosque, this reporter revealed the SHOCKING truth of what many Muslim are REALLY doing in our countries. Do you agree?

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