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Watch This DISGUSTING Liberal Welfare Queen: “Why Work, I Get Free Money?” (Video)


Watch this obese welfare queen tell her story about she doesn’t believe in working, except only at one place she is banned from working and doesn’t know how to get the banned lifted.

During Obama’s presidency, he put millions of Americans on welfare and them to freeload off taxpayers.

This video shows just how far this entitlement mentality went during Obama’s time in office.

Now, this proud welfare queen brags about the fact that she’s never had a job and has only worked a few days in her life.

She claims she could go hungry and die, she doesn’t care, but look at the size of her. She looks like she could only make it 2 hours between meals!

She asks, “why work for money? Why not just have fun and games?” She would rather have fun and games but really wants to be an artist.

She says she is “too talented” work.

She has another thing coming now that Trump is president.

Watch her video:

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  1. It’s Not Free money you Worthless POS. I WORKED FOR THAT MONEY!!! I’m sick and tired of people like this, that don’t deserve it,swallowing up My tax dollars, while people that really deserve it can’t get it.

  2. What is fucking wrong with you?? You said you could care less about food or money…Well let me tell you something you don’t look STARVED!!!!! You are one fucking CUNT!!!!

  3. What a SLOB, I could not continue to watch her. She has no self respect at all, and does not care what anyone thinks of her. (What kind of mentality is this?) She is really upsetting to look at.

  4. She has to hate herself and has low esteem. Pity the children she is supposed raising. If foster care was always good they would be better off.

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