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High School Girls Called ‘Racist’ After Complaining about Sexual Assault by Migrants

Sixteen girls at a high school in Sweden were called racist after they complained about the recent sexual assaults by migrants.

Fria Tider reported:

Lecturer and journalist Joakim Lamotte has had enough. Now he has visited another school where young girls tell of how they are sexually assassinated by so-called refugee children.


But when the girls try to address the problem of principals and school staff, they are called racists.

Joakim Lamotte is an independent journalist who lectures at schools about women’s and sexual harassment. He has previously worked on SVT and Mission review.

“Now I have been to another school where young girls tell them to be sexually assassinated by newly arrived boys both at school and outside school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have left home after school. They say they do not go by bus themselves. They say they do not go back and forth to their soccer classes in the evenings themselves, explains an upset Joakim Lamotte in a video on his Facebook.

But when the girls tell teachers and rectors, this is dismissed as xenophobia.

“They are basically called racists when they tell about their reality and what they are exposed to,” says Joakim Lamotte.

Lamotte explains that he has visited schools every week for one and a half years, and hears the same story over and over again: how young girls testify that they are being harassed by newly arrived guys, and when they talk about it, they become Called racists.

“And many of these guys who go with these girls are not even children! They are adults who have lied about their age! And they go together with underage girls. It is not too wise for the phase, Lamotte thunders.

According to Lamotte, the harassment is a problem not only in the big cities, but perhaps even more in the small municipalities that have received many so-called unaccompanied people. But when he addresses the issue with school executives and politicians, no one is listening and taking it seriously. The country’s schools and prosecutors deny a whole generation of young girls when they choose to shut up for the problem, says Joakim Lamotte.

“This is about seeing the reality as it is and dare to talk about it, otherwise we can not do anything about it. I refuse to be silent about this. Then I could not see myself in my eyes. Therefore, I ask you who are silent about this: politicians, spokesmen and school leaders. Can you see yourselves in your eyes when you go up in the morning?

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