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Smug Muslim Woman Tries to Bully an Employer During Her Interview — Then He Drops 5 PERFECT Words

The march of Islam is a never-ending one toward complete control of all nations.

Whether it’s here or abroad, the threat Muslims pose to innocent people is very real and very frightening.

But they thrive under excess tolerance like we have here in the U.S. and in other countries like Sweden.


My grandfather emigrated from Sweden because he saw an evil trend in the government toward Socialism. That was in 1910.

The Swedish government has now become inundated with Sharia sympathizers and is now locked in a downward spiral. The Socialist mentality is so firmly embedded in their society, everyone else suffers.

The Swedes have been instrumental in Europe in accepting massive numbers of Muslim immigrants for so long that they now dominate many regions — now they’re reaping the consequences.


But at least one Swedish employer isn’t about to bow to the rule.

When Aye Alhassani applied for a job at SAS airport in Stockholm, Sweden, she knew she had the upper hand to intimidate the Scandinavian airline into giving her special exemption from the strict dress code.

Believing she could bully the employer into allowing her to wear the oppressive religious symbol, Alhassani purposefully targeted the airline, donning the hijab during her April 25 interview.

Despite qualifying for the position, head of SAS media relations Fredrik Henriksson wasn’t about to grant her religious supremacy that all others weren’t afforded.

When Alhassani informed him that her hijab is an Islamic compulsion, he immediately silenced her by responding that her headscarf is “incompatible with the airline’s regulations” and informed her that she would not be given the job unless she came back and reapplied in the proper attire.

An investigative journalist dove into the story immediately afterward because Alhassani, as expected, took to Facebook to start a boycott of the airline, threatening a lawsuit.

We have learned here in America that it’s NOT a good idea to say “no” to these people; in fact, it’s downright dangerous.

The joke was on her, however.

The reporter found that the entire story was a set-up all along; Alhassani had mistakenly bragged about the proposed lawsuit ahead of the interview and her friends celebrated the scheme.

In court, the airline’s lawyer showed precedent cases for company uniform codes and the case has been dismissed.

So much for fake social justice — even in Sweden.

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