Home Culture HORRIBLE! Migrant Assaults Handicapped Boy With Crutches (Video)

HORRIBLE! Migrant Assaults Handicapped Boy With Crutches (Video)


It was reported on twitter that a migrant in the Netherlands assaulted a handicapped boy with crutches.

A video of the assault was posted, but it is unknown at this time exactly where or when the assault took place.

This is a terrible beating of a boy who is practically helpless to defend himself with no one else around to help.

Please pray for the victim.

The assault was captured on video below.

This is the results of forced diversity.

Allowing perverted, violent cultures into a society brings the results we see in the Netherlands and other European countries.

We must not allow this to happen in America!

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  1. The entire story is not supplied, but based on the video, identify the perpetrator and put him before a judge and jury. I truly hope the victim is doing well. (Those who might be confused about who is the perp and who is the vic should not be allowed to vote.)

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