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SICK! Man Arrested Blocking Traffic in Lincoln Tunnel Performing Lewd Act on Himself

A historical moment in American history: Some dope freak blocks the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey with his car so he could masturbate.

Being hopped up on PCP, I guess it was too difficult for him to do it while driving.


Traffic backed up at Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey.

Daily Mail reports:

A man high on PCP was too busy masturbating inside his parked minivan to realize he was holding up traffic inside the Lincoln Tunnel.

Ismael Esquilin, 48, of Passaic, New Jersey, stopped his minivan in the middle of the New Jersey-bound side of the tunnel connecting midtown Manhattan to Weehawken.

Police had to cover Esquilin with a blanket when they arrested him, and a glass pipe and small bottles filled with PCP were later found on the passenger seat floor.

Esquilin stopped his car in the middle of the tunnel around 7.15pm on Thursday while the engine was still running.

When police approached the vehicle, Esquilin was standing up inside, removing his clothes and ‘performing a lewd act’, according to Port Authority spokesperson Joe Pentangelo.

Police covered Esquilin with a blanket during his arrest and took him to Hoboken Hospital, where he admitted to smoking Phencyclidine.

A glass pipe along with a small glass bottle containing the drug were found in his minivan, which was impounded. Crack cocaine was also recovered, NJ.com reported.

Esquilin, who has been charged with drug possession, driving under the influence of drugs, reckless driving and impeding traffic, is scheduled to appear in court on May 16.

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