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Houston Looters Flee From ‘Ex-SWAT Deputy’ with Shotgun — ‘I Will Cut Your Ass in Half!’ (Video)

An unidentified man claiming to be an “ex-SWAT deputy” armed with a shotgun is standing guard in Huston to protect a local business.

An unidentified woman in a car is recording him in the parking lot of the Little York Food Store.

The ex-SWAT deputy calls for more “real men” to step up and help protect where they live.

At one point he yelled at some looters off camera and told them he was an “ex-SWAT deputy” and he would “cut their ass in half.”

Later in the video he is yelling toward the food store and we see 2 people fleeing on foot in fear. One person runs to the left and then we see another running to the right.

A passerby stopped and took some pictures and briefly talked to the ex-deputy — calling the deputy a hero.

The woman in the car says, “this is what the news is not showin’ ya’ll” and “this is what we are going through on top of the storm.” She is referring to all the looting going on.

The woman continues and says she is afraid to call a rescue boat because “they have fake people posing on the rescue boats and when they come to your house they are trying to rob you in this storm.”

The woman starts to drive away and points out an ATM on the ground in front of the food store. Apparently someone was trying to steal it or break it open in the parking lot.

The woman says the food store is owned by some Arabs, but they are nowhere to be found. It’s a good thing the man with the shotgun is protecting their store for them.

Then the woman points out a flat screen TV that is laying on the ground and she said “they dropped the TV.” Apparently a looter dropped the TV while fleeing the scene.

The woman says things are so bad that she thinks they are going to declare martial law there soon.

Watch the video:

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