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Watch: Illegal Immigrants Completely Destroyed a Five-Star Hotel Because They Demanded More Free Clothing and Cash (Video)

I don’t know if Americans know what is going on all over Europe but they NEED to. If liberals want to keep bringing Musli migrants into this country, we would end up exactly like Europe — overrun with fear.

We need to wake up and quit just standing there and watching!

Illegal immigrants from Africa completely destroyed a five-star hotel in Italy, because they demanded more free clothing and cash.


Watch the video below!

As thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly from Africa, continue to arrive on Italian shores, tensions are mounting over what to do with them, Breitbart reported.

To take just one example, in the Sicilian coastal town of Porto Empedocle, 9,480 immigrants have already arrived since the first of the year, along with 31 corpses of those who died trying to make the crossing from North Africa.

At the core of the problem is a north-south divide, with the southern regions like Sicily, Puglia and Campania forced to bear the brunt of the waves of asylum seekers and the north refusing to offer any substantive assistance.

Pending a June 15 EU Council meeting in Brussels to once again debate the role of the EU in a coordinated immigration strategy, Italy is left on its own to deal with a situation that is already stretching its capabilities

So many Americans think this could never happen here. It is sad that people can be so blind.

It’s time to take Europe back before winter starts. These parasites have no bounds, no rules. Wake up or you are doomed. Every time a boat successfully dumps north Africa’s trash on your shores, it allows another one to fill up and come.

What do you think about this?

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