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President Trump Is Running the Liberal Elite Globalist Crazy and It’s a Good Thing

President Trump holding both thumbs up in front of US flags.

From my observations of what is happening in my community and others in my state, the economy is beginning to have a dramatic comeback. Not only that, I recently visited several communities in another state which are on the way to economic recovery.

The gainsayers and agitators are mewling and crying over the fact that they are unable to control our entire country from the coastal areas of the United States. In fact, these areas are reaping a huge benefit from President Donald Trump’s policies.

The President’s crackdown on illegal immigration is already helping American workers that are citizens or legal immigrants through increased wages in the construction industry.

In a new report by Fox News, Texas construction companies admitted that Trump’s increased enforcement of immigration was forcing them to pay higher wages to U.S. construction workers because they can’t find enough illegal immigrants to work at lower wages. One of the downsides of the higher wages is that it adds to the cost of new homes. If our economy is really bad and people are out of work, how are they going to pay for a home no matter what it cost?

President Trump recognized a new and better economy in a U.S. citizen. Our country is not about big government versus small government or more or less regulation. It is about immigration, free trade, and the broad and deep impacts of globalization on America’s economy and culture. “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo,” he told the Republican National Convention in August 2016. This is why Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States.

Mr. Trump’s shocking success at today’s polls has indicated that he has done our country a service. Scholars may tut-tut about the historical connotations of “America First,” but the basic sentiment needs to be endorsed. Our country has developed to a far greater degree than those cloistered on the coasts allow themselves to realize. The once vast and unifying middle class has eroded over the last generation. Today we are increasingly divided into winners and losers. This division involves more than divergent economic prospects and income inequality. Globalism is an ideology of winners who stand astride our society as it is being remade by dramatic economic, demographic and cultural changes.

Instead of raising taxes, President Trump’s policies have helped people get jobs which lead to more government revenue. Illegal immigrants who work off the books do not pay taxes.

I applaud President Trump’s policy of “America First”. We cannot afford to sacrifice our economy by merging it with foreign countries that we have no control over their ethnicity or economy. We must look to the welfare of our citizens. What we do today will impact our future generations. I think one of the most endearing things about our country is each generation has worked hard to leave a legacy of a better country for those who come after us.

Mr. Trump has articulated a consistent message that speaks to a fundamental political challenge of our country: We must affirm “nationalism” and fight “globalism.”

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