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Woke Alert! Armed Secret Service Agent Assigned to Kamala Harris Gets Into Fight with Other Agents at Joint Base Andrews – How He Got The Job Will Leave You Livid

An armed Secret Service agent assigned to Kamala Harris got into a physical fight with other agents at Joint Base Andrews on Monday morning.

According to reports, the problem agent began acting aggressively, speaking gibberish and shouting incoherently at other agents while they were near the lounge at JBA.

The problem agent had to be physically restrained and his firearm was taken away from him. He was handcuffed and taken to the hospital in an ambulance.


One other agent was also hospitalized.

In a statement, Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi told the Washington Examiner, “At approximately 9 a.m. April 22, a U.S. Secret Service special agent supporting the Vice President’s departure from Joint Base Andrews began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing. The agent was removed from their assignment while medical personnel were summoned. The Vice President was at the Naval Observatory when this incident occurred and there was no impact on her departure from Joint Base Andrews.

According to one report, there are DEI concerns with the hiring of this agent.

Here’s the news from RealClearPolitics’ Susan Crabtree:

BREAKING: Sources within the Secret Service community tell me the agent assigned to VP Kamala Harris was armed during the fight – that the gun was secured in the agent’s holster until other agents physically restrained the agent and took the gun from the agent’s possession.

I’m also told there are DEI concerns among the USSS community about the hiring of this agent. Other agents and officers within the USSS are asking questions about the agent’s hiring process, whether the USSS did enough to look into the agent’s background and monitor the agent’s mental well-being because there have been widespread concerns about other strange behavior before this incident. For now, I am also withholding the agent’s name.”

“Other details: Sources say the agent in question was acted erratically upon showing up for a traveling shift at Joint Base Andrews. The agent ended up tackling the Senior Agent in Charge of the VP detail, got on top of him and started punching him. At this point, I’m told, the agent who was attacking the SAIC did indeed have a gun, but it was in the holster. Other agents are expressing relief that the agent did not shoot the SAIC.”

To sum up: A Secret Service agent who was fast-tracked through the vetting process due to the color of his skin or his sexuality or some other identity group had a mental breakdown and started punching the commanding officer before his fellow agents restrained him and wrestled away his gun.

This is what happens when you hire based on diversity, equity and inclusion. Instead of getting for the best you end up with garbage like this.