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Video: Hilarious Scene as DEI-Trained LAPD Descends Upon Pro-Hamas Rioters at Barricaded Building on State Polytechnic University

We found this on a liberal blog that was shared from a Democratic Senator:

Law enforcement plays a unique role in keeping our communities safe. Because police officers serve all segments of the population, their cross-cultural understanding is imperative. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training for law enforcement provides the knowledge and skills necessary to help police officers connect with their communities.
Importance of Police Diversity Training

Police diversity training teaches officers how their conscious and unconscious biases around race, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, religion and other personal traits influence their conduct. Understanding how biases play a role in working with suspects, witnesses and other law enforcement professionals is the first step toward self-awareness and meaningful change.

Through examples, problem-solving activities and conversation, diversity training allows police officers to:

Critically examine stereotypes and cultural assumptions.
Evaluate how they perceive others and how others perceive them.
Discuss the negative effects of discrimination and prejudice.
Increase awareness of attitudes and behaviors.
Create situations to reinforce team building.
Turn knowledge into usable skills for serving the community.

Exude offers police diversity and leadership training to help your officers be their best selves. We meet your officers where they are and help your department become more inclusive with tailor-made strategies to address your unique needs.

Yesterday, the DEI trained LAPD descended upon a barricaded building at the State Polytechnic University taken over by a pro-Hamas rioters!

The PD precinct probably took too many DEI trainings and they acted like snowflakes luckily for the police their opponents are born with DEI and they still managed to get away without serious injuries!
Multiple law enforcement officers equipped in riot gear and shields tried to break the barricade after dozens of pro-Palestine protesters have taken over a building at California State Polytechnic University in Arcata, California. They have fully barricaded the entrance with desk chairs and other items from inside the building attempting to prevent law enforcement who are equipped in riot gear, from entering in with items being thrown.
Watch the hilarious video below:


Here’s Footage from earlier showing dozens of pro-Palestine protesters blocking the entrance of a building at California State Polytechnic University with barricading the entrance with couches, chairs, desks, and other items.

We have footage of pro-Hamas students at California State Polytechnic University in Arcata, who barricaded themselves inside a building, which led to a confrontation with police.
January 6th was nothing compare to these guys!

Every company and federal institution has a DEI program. They cost serious money. But there’s no evidence they work, and some evidence that they make things worse like the video above!

In any case these students who are duking it out with police in the clips above are the voters Biden’s people have to cling to—perhaps that’s a sign that your party has gone too insane, no?
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