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Video: Drone Footage Reveals UCLA Pro-Palestine Encampment ‘Protesters’ Are Training in Hand-to-Hand Combat – Hoo Boy

Using a drone Anthony Cabassa was able to get EXCLUSIVE UCLA Pro Palestine encampment footage. Some “fight instructor” is TRAINING protestors in hand to hand combat as LAPD was expected to tear down the encampment few hours later, and potential fights with police were expected.

Watch the hilarious video below:

I’m hearing reports that the “fight instructor” himself actually had to look up how to throw a proper punch on YouTube this morning.

Having competed in Thai boxing for years, I know the soy boys, girls, and whatevers are not going to retain anything when a trained officer comes at them. I predict that 95% will turtle up while crying for mommy, and the others will just freeze while recording everything.


The school has deemed the encampment “unlawful” and have threatened students with suspension or even expulsion if they refuse to leave, per school staff source.

However, no police was present and the trained fighters decided to create encampment similar to Seattle’s CHAZ.

The barricades and the selective barring of certain students has led to predictable anger. Various groups are now engaging protesters and have triggered what can only be described as an all out brawl. The use of weapons has been common and firecrackers have even been fired at activist tents. Whether or not the fighting is between pro-Gaza and pro-Israel groups is not yet clear, and the conflict may simply be a matter of students enraged by the general blockade. No substantial police presence is visible so far.
Videos below:

Things wen out of control after a Jewish girl was send to hospital with serious injuries:

Though considerable criticism has been aimed at the police response to similar encampments at universities in other states and no doubt some of those actions will be reviewed in civil courts, there has been very little sympathy from the general public when it comes to woke protesters. After years of cancel culture and the threat of Antifa and BLM mobs, we are now seeing the same exact people pummeled by law enforcement and kicked out of the tent cities choking college grounds. Questions of free speech fall by the wayside when activists try to physically block other students from exercising their right to access public property and educational facilities.


The Los Angeles Police Department “has arrived on campus” at UCLA, mayor Karen Bass said early on Wednesday.

“The violence unfolding this evening at UCLA is absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable,” the mayor said in a post on X.

Before the deployment, pro-Palestinian protesters and Israel supporters were clashing at UCLA, according to multiple reports.

Video from CNN affiliate KABC shows fireworks, objects being thrown, and physical violence among demonstrators.

LAPD also said Wednesday morning they were responding to assist the UCLA Police Department in a post on X.

“At the request of UCLA, due to multiple acts of violence within the large encampment on their campus, the LAPD is responding to assist UCLA PD, and other law enforcement agencies, to restore order and maintain public safety,” LAPD said.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said they were closely monitoring the situation at UCLA.

“Law enforcement leaders are in contact this evening and resources are being mobilized,” Newsom’s office said.

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A police response to clear UCLA of protesters is widely expected within the next couple of days.