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Internet Sleuths Captured The Devil’s Sign At The Chair In One Of The Portraits From Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

With the trial of known Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell currently ongoing, there is certainly no shortage of news outlets trying to squeeze a juicy headline out of the case.

However, CNCB put forth an extremely misleading article title on December 1st that implied former President Trump had engaged in inappropriate conduct with a minor victim introduced by Epstein years earlier.

With headlines and journalistic practices like this, it’s no wonder that trust in the legacy/mainstream media continues to plummet. The fact is that the Maxwell trial is solely about Maxwell – yet the mainstream media just can’t help but see if they can somehow get a headline denigrating former President Trump out of the matter.


It was a previously known fact that Trump and Epstein traveled together once.

Although President Donald Trump has denied having a serious friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein, the financier definitely spent time at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where the two wealthy men lived nearby each other.

But that was before Trump decided to ban Epstein from Mar-a-Lago for making unwanted sexual advances toward young women.

The trial is not televised and only audio transcripts and courtroom portraits are available!

That didn’t prevent a couple of internet sleuths to find a really strange coincidence!

On one of the courtroom portraits you can see 666 or the devil’s sgn:

They noticed another comical situation:

Was this the devil’s sign or just a strange coincidence?

We can’t tell for sure, but I hope that you are aware that the artist has to draw these portraits extremely fast.

But what we also need to know is that a 17-year-old self-defense case went with cameras galore. Nonstop coverage. Groomer for Jeffrey Epstein with elitist ties, kindergarten drawings. All you need to know. Literally nothing else.

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