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ISIS ‘Hit Squads’ Are Using The Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations

I know that the headline sounds over the top, but this has actually been confirmed by German intelligence and by the mainstream media. ISIS terrorists have been using the refugee program to sneak into North America and Europe, and yet very little is being done to stop this from happening. One of the reasons why this hits so close to home for me is because leftists are pushing to bring a lot more Islamic refugees up here to north Idaho. Since our area has a low population density, a significant number of refugees could dramatically alter the character of our community very rapidly. Many moved up here in order to have a safe place to raise their families, but now the left seems determined to bring the danger of Islamic extremism to our local neighborhoods.

Refugees typically have little or no paperwork, and it can be exceedingly difficult to tell a terrorist apart from a non-terrorist. German intelligence has discovered that ISIS has been using this confusion to smuggle “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” into Germany

German intelligence services have evidence that “hit squads” from the Islamic State terror group have infiltrated the country disguised as refugees, the deputy head of Bavaria’s spy agency told the BBC Thursday.

“We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany,” Manfred Hauser, the vice president of the Bavaria region’s intelligence gathering agency, BayLfV, told the Today program.

“We have substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads. There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves. We are still following up on these, and we haven’t investigated all of them fully,” said Hauser.

Did you catch that?


German intelligence says that there are literally “hundreds” of reports of ISIS hit squads being among the refugees.

And CNN has reported that two of the Islamic extremists that were involved in the Paris attack last November entered Europe through the refugee program…

In the aftermath of the Paris attack in November, authorities revealed that two of the attackers — who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France — entered Europe through Greece using fake Syrian passports and posing as refugees. They were accompanied by two other alleged ISIS operatives who were held briefly by Greek authorities, released a month later, then re-arrested in the aftermath of the attack, as detailed by CNN.

Cases like this — and the arrests Tuesday in Germany — emphasize what is a difficult reality facing European law enforcement: ISIS has used migrant routes to ferry operatives into Europe, and some of those operatives may still be in hiding.

CNN is about as politically correct as you can get, and even they are admitting that this is a major problem.

In addition, a very large percentage of Islamic refugees hold deeply anti-Semitic views. According to the Jerusalem Post, one study found that more than half of all Muslim refugees have anti-Semitic attitudes…

“More than half of Muslim asylum seekers showed clear tendencies of an antisemitic attitude pattern,” wrote the authors of the 201-page study examined by The Jerusalem Post.

When asked by the investigators if “Jews have too much influence in the world,” 52% of Syrians said yes, while 53% of Iraqis agreed with the statement. Nearly 60% of Afghans said Jews wield too much influence, while a mere 5.4% of those from Eritrea – a Christian-majority country – held antisemitic views. Some Eritreans said they were familiar with Jews from the Bible.

Here in north Idaho, we have many wonderful Jewish people, and there is no place for that kind of hatred in our communities. Do we really want our Jewish neighbors to live in constant fear that they could be attacked?

And law enforcement personnel are often targets as well. For example, a 46-year-old Islamic refugee just tried to decapitate a police officer in Kennewick, Washington just a few days ago

A 46-year-old Somali refugee identified as Hussein Hassan attacked a police officer in Kennewick, Washington, over the weekend with a large sword, striking at the officer’s head before he was shot and killed.

A spokesman for the police said two officers responded to a 9-1-1 call at 6:38 p.m. Sunday about a man walking down Olympia Street near 10th Avenue armed with a sword.

The two officers arrived on the scene at the same time in separate cars at about 6:40 p.m. One officer got out of his car to confront Hassan and police say the man started swinging the sword, striking the officer at least once in the head with the blade.

Both officers opened fire on the suspect and put him down.

And here in Idaho, nobody will be able to ever forget what happened in Twin Falls a while back. Three young Islamic refugees were arrested after they sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl

Three boys, ages 14, 10, and 7, were charged in the case. The older boys, brothers, are from Eritrea, an African country, while the younger boy is from Iraq. The boys are from refugee families, but it is unclear how long they had been in the community.

What is known is that one of the boys touched the girl inappropriately inside the apartment complex’s laundry facilities. Another boy recorded the assault on a phone.

One boy pleaded guilty to felony exploitation of a child and misdemeanor battery. A second boy pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting felony lewd conduct and aiding and abetting misdemeanor battery. The third boy pleaded guilty to accessory to the commission of a felony.

So why would the left want to inflict this kind of pain on our communities?

Well, the real reason is because Muslims are five times more likely to vote for Democrats than they are for Republicans…

When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (66%) than the Republican Party (13%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (67%) over a smaller government providing fewer services (25%). And about half of U.S. Muslims (52%) now say homosexuality should be accepted by society, up considerably from 2011 (39%) and 2007 (27%).

If I am elected to Congress, I am going to push for legislation that would allow local communities all over the United States to opt out of the refugee program.

In other words, I believe that local communities should have the option to say no to refugees. If you want to help me make this a reality, you can help the campaign right here. We need bold leaders that are going to stand up and do what is right, not spineless jellyfish that will fold at the first sign of opposition.

Our world is becoming a more dangerous place with each passing day, and Islamic terror is on the rise. We need to understand that Islamic extremists have declared war on our way of life, and purposely importing them into our communities is utter insanity.

Author: Michael Snyder
Courtesy of The American Dream

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