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ISIS Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves to Bits During a Fake Surrender (Video)

Two Islamic State suicide bombers faked a surrender at a Kurdish forces checkpoint in Syria before detonating themselves, and it was all caught on tape.

The video shows 4 men approaching the checkpoint in an apparent surrender near the city of Tabqa. They refused to raise their shirts for security purposes, forcing the Kurdish forces to fire on them shortly before they detonated their explosives.

The explosions sent chunks of goat humpers all over the checkpoint. It is unclear if any of the Kurdish forces sustained casualties.



The exact date of the encounter is unclear, but the video’s description said it occurred “a few days before Tabqa was liberated” on May 12.

ISIS terrorists are well-known for their use of suicide bombers, though suicide attacks have become more frequent recently as coalition forces continue to roll back the so-called caliphate. In some areas, the group has used waves of suicide bombers in an attempt to hold on to what little territory it still controls.

What else is there to say about this? It’s pretty gruesome!

On a side note, if this isn’t bad enough, just last month in a desperate bid to cling to the Iraqi city of Mosul, ISIS started deploying dozens of female suicide bombers. The development marks a shift in ISIS ideology, which had previously prohibited women from taking frontline roles in battle.

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