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KGB? Maine Man Investigated by Secret Service for Joking About Biden Wearing Diapers – Here Are The Details

The Secret Service opened a formal investigation of a Maine man whose social media posts showed “unusual interest” in President Joe Biden’s family, although he apparently didn’t make a serious threat of violence, according to the agency’s response to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

The investigation, which took place in 2022, was revealed by the Daily Caller after it acquired Secret Service documents.

The investigation was conducted by agent John Mazza, who sought to reveal the identity of an X, or Twitter, user who had posted jokes about President Biden.


Mazza’s contact information was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, suggesting a possible personal connection with the Biden family.

The Maine man’s name, which was acquired by the Daily Caller, was not released after he requested to remain anonymous, although the outlet did reveal that he was an U.S. Army veteran.

According to Secret Service Documents, Mazza began his investigation in the summer of 2022, after reading his insulting tweets about the president.

Screenshot below:

What appears to have gotten the Secret Service’s attention? One of the man’s posts suggested, apparently jokingly, that he planned to “invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his ‘Depends,’” referring to a brand of adult diaper.

By contrast, some social media users who despise former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee to take on Biden in a rematch in November, routinely post messages about assaulting or assassinating him. Biden, a Democrat, has talked in public about wanting to rough up Trump.

In another tweet, the man called for the arrest of members of the government, and punishments ranging from jail time to capital punishment.

“We need you people in congress to impeach the entire Biden administration, some need prison. Court martial Austin and Milley. Destroying our country should men [sic] the death penalty for the leaders of the executive branch, pentagon, state department, and doj [sic],” said the man.

None of the posts cited by the Secret Service contained any direct threats from the man directed towards the president or other officials.

Situations like these like this tell you one thing. The government is out of control & tyrannical.