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Videos: Floridians Prove They Don’t Mess Around After ‘Queers for Palestine’ Block Entrance to Disney

A group of anti-Israel protesters from a Florida chapter of Queers for Palestine were seen blocking access to Walt Disney World before being quickly arrested on Saturday, May 11.

The small crew, wearing keffiyeh, blocked the Disney exit of Interstate 4 in Orlando using their vehicles. They accused the company of “supporting genocide.” “Free free Palestine,” the demonstrators chanted, holding banners across the ramp.

One Dad was not having it that Central Florida Queers for Palestine was blocking the exit to Disney World.


One of the activist jumps into the car to leave, but the police are already on the scene. They keep recording as they start to drive off.

However the Angry Dad isn’t done giving a piece of his mind.

“You are losing people to your cause because of this… Think a little bit. You are causing people to actually hate you.”

“Go fuck yourself. 45,000 people dead.”

More police show up and one officer walks up to the car with the activist recording the Instagram Live as they likely drive off.

However, the Florida State Highway Patrol showed up and arrested the pro-terrorism activists within eleven minutes— proving that the Sunshine State and its people does not mess around.

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