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Do You Know What the Most Hated Food Is in Your State?

For those haters who are looking for romantic love, there is the dating app Hater. This is the first of its kind that “matches people on the things they hate.”

The information compiled from thousands upon thousands of users in the United States has provided some pretty interesting stats.

For example, what is the most hated food in your state?


Let’s look at some of the choices to see what they tell us about the people who inhabit the states we love and the ones we don’t.

There are some pretty unadventurous states out there, like Maine (Asian Fusion) and Idaho (Dim Sum), who seem pretty unwilling to try new things. Meanwhile, they probably won’t get along too well with Oregon (Fast Food), New Mexico (Chicken Nuggets), California (Chick-Fil-A), and Colorado (Flaming Hot Cheetos).

Guess you can consider the region of Indiana-Ohio-West Virginia-Kentucky as some kind of Anti-Trendy Restaurant Quadrant (Charcuterie, Pesto, Tofu, Hummus).

New Jersey says no to Gas Station Wine and you’re either entirely on board with that or you’re entirely against the stance. There is no in-between.

We kinda feel like Washington (Keurig K-Cups) and Montana (Pumpkin Spice Anything) need to hang out more. They might find more in common than they thought.

“Dabbing Pizza Grease With A Napkin?” That’s not a food item, Virginia. Unless you think everyone eats the greasy napkin.

As for Missouri, we’re left unsure about how to take “The Last Bite Of A Hot Dog.” Do you hate hot dogs? Or do you hate finishing hot dogs? Or do you hate starting hot dogs? We need clarification.

This app is so stupid, but I can’t resist checking it out anytime they release data.

Here’s the rest of the country:

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