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Watch an ‘Angry Arab Man’ Spit on Hospital Receptionist in London (Video)

Surveillance camera in one of the hospitals in London captured a shocking moment when an angry Arab man can be seen accompanied by a woman.

After the verbal dispute, Arab man spitted at a hospital receptionist. The drama continued, and he repeatedly attacked the staff.

A video that appears to show an angry Arab man spitting at a female hospital receptionist in London has emerged and it has reopened a whole debate about attitudes of people from the Middle East towards women.


In the clip, the Arab man is seen getting involved in a heated discussion, and then this is followed by a brief pause before he is seen returning and continuing an astonishing attack on the hospital staff.

The circumstances as to the dispute aren’t currently clear from the video – it was posted with the caption:

Angry Arab man spits at a hospital receptionist in London, UK. See what happens next. Of course all of this is a result of ‘Islamophobia’.

There are many who feel that this is a demonstration of old fashioned attitudes towards women – it cannot be denied that women are treated very poorly in some Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia.

Whatever the situation, there is simply no excuse for it in Britain, and we hope that the staff involved were all OK afterwards.

Spitting is known to transfer disease and we hope the women who was spit on did not contract anything from it.

Watch the video:


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