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Kurt Russell Is Straight-FIRE Taking Woke ‘Writer’ APART on Gun Control and It’s GLORIOUS (Audio)

Welp, now all I want to do today is watch Tombstone and Big Trouble in Little China.

Hollywood legend Kurt Russell absolutely smoked this anti-gun, anti-white, woke Hollywood blogger in a resurfaced interview from 2015 when he started talking about guns being a “totem” for “white men.”

Listen to Russell dismantle this blogger:


Russell: I don’t understand the concept of the conversation of the ‘gun culture.’ We’ve lived with guns – what, since the 7th century or something?

Woke writer: We all know right now that guns is a trope … it’s a totem, it’s a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need. It makes them feel good …

Yeah, he went immediately to anti-gun AND anti-white guys.

Because, you know, the biggest problem with guns in the US is white guys with their buddies at the range. Not the inner cities or anything like that.

Russell: You can say what you want. I don’t agree with that. It’s not my thing … If you think that gun control or something like that is going to change a terrorist’s point of view I think you’re, like, out of your mind. I think you’re – I think anybody is. I think it’s absolutely insane.

The Hollywoke dude then got into the no-fly list and potential terrorists being able to buy guns, and Russell just worked him over again.

Russell: They (terrorists) can also make a bomb pretty easily. They can also get knives and stab you. What are you going to do about that? They can also get car and run you over. What are you gonna do about that? What are you gonna do about that?

Wokie: They didn’t kill the people in San Bernandino like that …

Russell: But they’ve killed others. So what are you gonna do? Outlaw everything? That ain’t the answer. Put some controls? Haha! So the people, so the people who want to defend themselves can’t?

Wokie: No! Not so you can’t! Just so the idiots can’t get ahold of them.

Russell: Do you really believe they’re not going to? Are you serious about that? What good will that – ? Oh my g–. You and I just disagree. You and I just disagree. I understand that you think you can control the behavior of people that are dead set on taking your way of life away from you. I think you think you can control that. And there is only one thing you can do with that and that is say, ‘No dude, that ain’t gonna happen. That’s just not gonna happen.’

Then he walked out of the interview!

Audio below:

Do not cede a single bit of our Constitutional freedoms to politicians – or senseless progressives – not one damn bit of freedom.

Straight fire from Kurt Russell.

Full transparency, Kurt Russell is not a conservative, as far as we understand it, he is a libertarian. That being said, we love it when someone in Hollywood surprises people … and you can tell this interview on gun control surprised the ‘writer’.

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