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LOL! Road Sign Changed to ‘Crooked Hillary’ in New York

A road sign marking the Crooked Hill Road exit on the Sagtikos Parkway in Long Island, NY was defaced to read “Crooked Hillary.”

Donald Trump used the moniker “Crooked Hillary” to refer to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign.

President Trump referred to Clinton as “Crooked H” as recently as yesterday when he tweeted out: “Crooked H destroyed phones w/ hammer, ‘bleached’ emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?”

NY Daily News reports:

A sign marking the Crooked Hill Road exit off a New York parkway has been altered to read “Crooked Hillary,” officials said.

The defaced traffic sign on the Sagtikos Parkway on Long Island was reported to the State Department of Transportation Wednesday, Newsday reports.

The letters “A,” “R” and “Y” were pasted to the end of the word “Hill.”

The sign was corrected the same day. “As soon as we were notified about the graffiti yesterday morning, it was removed,” a Department of Transportation spokesperson said. “Defacing public signs is illegal.”

During the campaign, President Trump created the moniker “Crooked Hillary” to refer to his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Trump revived the nickname in a recent tweet. “Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate.”

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