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LOL! Tomi Explains to Hillary ‘What Happened’ — Snowflakes Are Going to Cry!

Tomi Lahren gave Hillary Clinton the final word on “What Happened.”

Sean Hannity gave Lahren a spot at the end of his show on Tuesday to lay into Hillary and she gave a perfect summary as to “what really happened” and not what Hillary fantasized in her new flop of a book.

Lahren closed out Hannity’s show by saying:


Sean I have the final word for Hillary. Let’s go.

What happened Hillary? You happened! You blame and continue to blame literally everyone but the funny thing is, you had a whole lost of help from well, Obama, Michelle, Joe Biden, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC, the FBI, 90% of the mainstream media, every late night TV show and the entire population of Hollywood and you still lost!

You lost because you are relatable as cardboard and allergic to accountability. And no it’s not the country was not ready for a women, it’s because the country is not ready for a liar.

Sean, that’s the final word.

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Watch the video:

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