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Meme About Hillary Clinton Goes Viral, Makes Snowflakes Cry and Run to Their Safe Space

Hillary Clinton refuses to acknowledge that voters rejected her for her for her far left socialist ideas, her sex predator husband, her do-nothing insider years, her incompetence with Benghazi and her email server.

Hillary is so desperate to convince people who think a she is so awesome, that she is still their perfect leader. that she has written a book about how she was robbed from her throne.

Hillary could have shift gears and stepped away from her loss without bringing up all of the excuses and conspiracy theories but Instead she keeps rehashing them over and over again. She even keeps adding more excuses and twists along the way. Sad!

Some of the huge mistakes she made, like calling Trump supporters are “deplorable,” she has doubled down on and has insulted them again by denying that anyone was offended by her calling them “deplorable.” Sick!

There is one thing that Hillary excels at and that is making excuses for her own failures.

Colin Powell said it best in an email: “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

From Conservative Tribune:

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to decide who to blame for her dramatic election loss.

The former secretary of state is running out of fingers to point. First, it was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had the audacity to challenge her for her rightful crown — er, place in the White House.

Next, it was Russia and its phantom, unproven “meddling” in the election.

Then it was former FBI Director James Comey. There are so many Hillary scapegoats that she could run a petting zoo… and a hilarious meme perfectly sums up just how desperate the pantsuit-wearing panderer has become.

The cartoon depicts an aging and decrepit Hillary Clinton from the future — perhaps next week, judging by her mental state — sitting in a wheelchair in an retirement home.

“Have I ever told you about the time I ran for president in 2016?” the elderly Hillary asks another senior citizen. “Here we go again,” he thinks to himself.

The blanket-clad spinster then lists off the long list of “excuses” for why she lost the election.

Would have won, too, if it hadn’t been for Bernie Sanders… and sexism. Yep, Bernie and sexism.

“And the media. And James Comey. Did I mention Russia?”

“Oh, and the media and bad polling numbers.”

On and on she goes.


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