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MSM Blackout: Trump Approved The Activation Of DC National Guard On January 3, 2021, The DC Mayor Issued A Stand Down Order And DC Police Turned Down The Guard

An FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit warning that extremists were planning to travel to Washington, D.C., to commit violence and “war” the day before the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to an internal report obtained by The Washington Post, directly contradicting the bureau’s previous claim that it had no intelligence to predict last Wednesday’s siege.

The previously unreported details undercut the assertion by a top FBI official that officials had no indication that violence was a possibility, and they add to questions about what intelligence authorities had reviewed before the Capitol riot, which led to the death of an officer and four other people, including a protester who was shot and killed by police.

“Social media is just part of a full intelligence picture, and while there was First Amendment-protected activity on social media to include some people making threats, to this point, investigators have not found that there was an organized plot to access the Capitol,” a senior FBI official said.


This was reported by the mainstream media.

But they failed to report something really important.

They failed to report the fact that after the police were given intel on violent plans to storm the Capitol on Jan. 3rd,  President Trump authorized the National Guard.

The DC mayor issued a stand-down order and DC police turned down the guard.

Images from the report below:

Close-up image:

Mayor Bowser of DC wrote to the Attorney General, the Sec of Defense of the U.S. Army on January 5 that she does not want additional Federal Law enforcement.

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A few questions have to be asked!

Why leave this info out?

Why weren’t National Guard troops included in the plans leading up to the rally to guard the Capitol that day? Why did it take so long for the guard to arrive that afternoon?