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Video: THE PURGE SIREN Being Blasted In DC As Armed Troops Ready To March With Riot Shields

The inauguration is now just days away and officials around the country are pulling out all the security stops. But worries kept Washington very much on edge Monday, and the FBI and National Guard are vetting those who are securing Washington, D.C. for ties to extremism.

For a moment, the drill became reality. This morning, soldiers and law enforcement practicing inauguration security suddenly sheltered for fear of attack.

It turned out the threat was this nearby fire, which was quickly extinguished. But it shows the tension in Washington, D.C., ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration. Thousands of National Guard soldiers continue to arrive. More than 25,000 will secure the city and surround the Capitol with rifles and bulletproof vests behind seven-foot-high fences.


Downtown D.C. is on lockdown, a normally festive inauguration week replaced with barricades and security checks, the Washington Monument closed, behind rings of security.

But one moment from the “drill” raised a lot of suspicions!

A video that surfaced today shows armed troops as they get off their bus. They prepare to head to the U.S. Capitol with their riot shields and military equipment someone is playing the siren from the movie the purge in the background.

Video below:

Back in April, last year police officers in Louisiana blasted the alarm sound from The Purge to alert residents that a 9 pm coronavirus curfew was beginning.

The siren from the 2013 thriller movie was blasted out of police cars as they patrolled the streets of Crowley, Louisiana, to tell locals that they can’t leave their homes until 6 am the next morning.

In the film, a siren that sounds exactly like the one used by the Louisiana officers signals the start of ‘the purge’, a night during which all crime is legal for 12 hours.

But with one day left until the inauguration playing this sirene doesn’t give serenity for sure!

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