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Muggers Think 71-Year-Old Man Is An Easy Target – Then They Find Out That He’s A Huge Second Amendment Supporter

On a recent evening in North Philadelphia, 71-year-old Joel found himself facing armed robbers. But instead of cowering in fear or complying with their demands, he took action and fought back.

The incident occurred on the evening of March 10th, 2023, when the man, was walking home from a nearby grocery store. As he was approaching his front door, two men approached him and demanded his wallet and other valuables. One of the men was armed with a handgun.

Rather than surrendering his belongings, the man drew his own firearm and fired multiple shots at the robbers. One of the suspects was hit and fell to the ground, while the other fled the scene.

The injured suspect was later apprehended by police and taken to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. The second suspect remains at large.
Te 71-year-old Joel was struck once in the ankle during the shootout, police said.

A surveillance camera caught one of the attackers as he was trying to run away from the crime scene:

The 71-year-old man, who holds a valid license to carry a concealed weapon. He cooperated with the police and provided a statement of the events.

The incident has sparked a debate about the use of firearms for self-defense. While some have praised the man’s actions and his ability to protect himself, liberals have expressed concern about the potential dangers of civilians carrying weapons.

Advocates for gun rights argue that incidents like this demonstrate the importance of allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for self-defense. They point to cases where individuals have successfully used firearms to protect themselves and their families from harm.

Opponents of gun rights, however, argue that the risks associated with firearms outweigh the benefits. They contend that guns often fall into the wrong hands and can result in tragic consequences, such as accidental shootings and suicides. This however is not true because most of the crimes are committed with stolen and illegal guns!

Regardless of one’s stance on gun control, it is clear that incidents like this will continue to fuel the ongoing debate. As for the 71-year-old man in North Philadelphia, he is being hailed as a hero by many and has sparked a conversation about the role of firearms in self-defense.