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Video Shows Woke, Entitled Army Soldier Losing Her Mind On Commanding Officers – Pulled The Race Card From The Bottom Of The Deck At Her Unit

A black, female officer had a massive meltdown and pulled the race card from the bottom of the deck at her unit. She even threatened her commanding officer.

Her race and gender are relevant only because as one claims more intersectional points, then the more power they have in any situation.

A video clip showing what appears to be a junior U.S. Army service member cursing out her superior officer has Americans fretting over how “woke” the military has obviously become.

The clip was shared to TikTok on Saturday by the account MilitaryTikTokMoments. It shows a black female soldier standing at the top of an auditorium-like room as a superior officer yells, “Let’s go!’

The woman replies, “I don’t give a f–k!”

She eventually starts moving to the bottom of the room and toward the direction in which the superior officer had requested her to “go.”

She does so while yelling out more obscenities.

“Ya’ll ain’t no s–t! F–k you mean! P—y ass ho! All ya’ll! F–k all ya’ll. All ya’ll unprofessional. Suck my d–k!”

The latter remark triggers an audible gasp from the other soldiers.

The video was removed but luckily we have a copy:

According to unconfirmed reports, the soldier was not removed from the military!
The military has always been known for its tight discipline. But nowhere in the clip above was discipline present. The woman’s behavior was in effect the antithesis of everything the military stands for.

Critics say this is no coincidence and that this is the result of the U.S. military going “woke”: