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In A Leaked Audio NY Governor Admits: Coronavirus “Initiatives Are Not Based On Science But Are Based Out Of Fear”

Gov. Cuomo cited Hebrew quotes to urge Orthodox Jewish New Yorkers living in COVID-19 hot spots to refrain from large gatherings.

“I say to my friends in the Hasidic community: The Hebrew faith teaches us, pikuach nefesh, which means ‘save a life,’ and under the Hebrew teachings … participation in a religious ceremony can be excused for a matter of health and life and safety,” he said during a Sunday phone call with reporters.

After talking tough last week, the governor appeared to soften his tone on Sunday.


“Love your neighbor as yourself,” Cuomo said, citing the Book of Leviticus. “The point here is to save a life and not to endanger others.”

But in a leaked conference call that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had with Jewish leaders last Tuesday he said that the government’s coronavirus initiatives are not based on science but were based out of fear.” He also said he would limit houses of worship to 50% occupancy in areas seeing a COVID-19 uptick, just hours before a public press conference in which he limited it to 10 attendees.

This was quite an admission after Cuomo destroyed the economy and claimed it was because of “science.”

You can hear the leaked audio below:

They dismiss it at the beginning, telling people to hug & parade, then when it’s a pandemic, old folks moved back to elderly care homes which spread like wildfire, killing a bunch of elderly parents, then when things clear up, they insist on the lockdowns & blame Trump for it all.

This is so wrong. How is this even possible that a sitting Governor of a state in America is targeting a religious group for persecution? Is the 1st amendment dead? Where are we going America?