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SERIOUS: Did Joe Biden Just Have a Seizure on LIVE TV!? LISTEN for Yourself – This Is Directly from the Broadcast

NEW: President Joe Biden, who sounds like he’s giving an interview on a toilet, starts to suggest he was with Trump when he said “suckers and losers.”

Big, if true!

“First of all, he [said it] was made up quote, suckers and losers.”


“I was with hi… He called the Americans in the cemeteries from World War I. Suckers and losers.”


Watch the video below:

He couldn’t have been there because it never happened. Know what happened?

Biden calling service members “stupid b*stards” to their faces:

But what was even more strange is that in one part of the broadcast, Biden sounded like he had a seizure or something. This is a real video from just now. Listen.


What is that?


First & foremost, I’m NOT a doctor. However, having watched the decline of family members with an array of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, etc.—I’m not sure what his exact diagnosis is, but his frontal lobes ain’t lobin’.

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