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Photos: Rural Public Schools Teach Kids CRT, Including: Saying MAGA And Calling The Cops On Black People Is White Supremacy

Public schools and other educational institutions throughout the nation are pushing critical race theory on unsuspecting students.

Critical race theory is the claim that American institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist. It argues that white people have put up social, economic, and legal barriers between the races in order to maintain their elite status, both economically and politically. In fact, the source of poverty and criminal behavior in minority communities is due exclusively to these barriers.

Already mainstream on college campuses, most of those protesting George Floyd’s death have been taught that every power structure, including the free market, the criminal justice system, and the electoral college, were created specifically to oppress them.


In the future, however, students are not going to have to wait for college to learn these lessons. The indoctrination in “woke” identity politics will have already begun in K-12 education.

Springfield MO public schools are no different, they have an office of diversity and inclusion, and the school district who is pushing critical race theory that includes very strange situations!

The “Denial of White Privilege” is covert white supremacy. And “Make America Great Again” and “Calling the cops on black people” is also more evidence of white supremacy according to the school.

Here are a few slides from the racist filth they are teaching kids in Springfield.

Missouri is not the only state that has these problems.

Entire California School System to Partner with Critical Race Theory Apologists

California State Superintendent of Public Education Tony Thurmond said in an interview, “We are going to build a training module to allow school districts to engage in training on implicit bias.” He also announced California’s partnership with the National Equity Project (NEP), which trains educators on how to handle inequity in their schools and communities.

A recent post by NEP Executive Director LaShawn Routé Chatmon states:

With structural inequities laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic, now worsened by further evidence of racial terror being waged against Black bodies… We can no longer deny the violence, pain and loss that is being disproportionately beset upon Black people and Black communities. . . .

As a former history teacher, I know that these are not isolated incidents but rather a continuation of a long history of anti-Black oppression our communities have had to endure. Its roots are structural and interrelated; our education, healthcare, and justice systems are equally imbued with the same roots of white supremacy and othering.

One way the organization suggests dismantling racism is by re-educating teachers on how to talk about race in the classroom. One post on their site titled “There is No Neutral on Racism and Hate: Back to School for White Educators” instructs white educators on how to help their white students understand white privilege.

Everyone should home school whenever possible. It should be criminal child abuse to send children to those liberal indoctrination centers.